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Friends, brothers and sisters from Bulgaria and all over the world.

In 2009, with associates, we created an organization called “Dostoino Est” – www.dostoino-est.org – which primary goal is to develop and spread high morality and values.
This year we begin to examine the views of contemporary citizens of Bulgaria and other countries all over the world, about how they understand, recognize, practice and develop the quality of dignity in their lives.
We want to help ourselves, another person or group of people to live a beautiful and dignified life, with honor, personal responsibility and awareness, to be among the people and share with them, how beautiful can be human life and how anyone can make her/his day beautiful, and from there – the overall future of Bulgaria and the world.
Friends, no matter where you live, what color is your skin what religion or philosophical worldview you follow. Write us, how you understand the qualities honor and dignity, how are you using these ethical values in your daily lives and how this helps you and your surrounding world.
Leave your name and address for feedback. Write in your own language and, if you know interesting people around the world, then send this letter to them too. Help the blind or illiterate people to make their own message. Let your writing be your thought, rather than quote, and let it not exceed one typewritten page. Send it to this email address:

On behalf of the Association “Dostoino Est” accept our gratitude.

Mario Yonov priest,
Chairman of the Board of Association “Dostoino Est”

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Purpose of the association

We believe that every human being has the right to live with dignity. Our goal is to support this right and to help in any way we can a single person or group of people to live dignified life. In the course of work, we hope to be able to help us to lead a decent life too, because it is good to start with ourselves. We do not pursue political or religious purposes, as far as dignity is not directly related with them.

Members of the Association:

  • Neli Byalkova Dimova (honorary member of the Association) 24.09.1965 – 07.09.2008 more
  • priest Mario Metodiev Yonov (chairman of the board) more
  • Nadejda Tihomirova Simeonova (member of the board)
  • Nikolay Aleksandrovich Cheltsov (member of the board) more
  • Krasen Stoyanov Yanev (member of the association)
  • Svetlana Ivanova Nesterova-Asenova (founder)

Friends of the Association:

(for our friends)


  • Nina Valkova Nejkova (founder) Sofia, friend of Neli
  • Elisa Nikolaeva Nikolova (founder) Sofia, lawyer, friend of Neli
  • Elena Georgieva Papadopova (founder), Sofia, friend of Neli
  • Stela Velichkova Filipova-Dineva (founder), Sofia, friend of Neli
  • Grigor Borislavov Grigorov (founder) more


  • Anelia Lubomirova Dimitrova financier, Sofia, friend of Neli
  • Lidia Todorova Aleksandrova accountant, Sofia
  • Valeri Manchev – notary, Sofia, Rome, friend of Neli more
  • Walter electronics engineer, Germany, friend of Neli
  • Petar Danailov opera singer, Sofia, friend of Neli more
  • Plamen Hristov public prosecutor, Sofia


  • “DARINA” Association – www.darina.bg