Our mission is to support young people of disadvantaged social status:

  • Raised in foster care institutions;
  • Raised in families with income below the minimum living requirements;
  • Victims of violence, physical or emotional abuse;

…to enter their lives in a meaningful way and fulfill their essential human missions. While growing up they have received shelter, food and water. Yet Love, Security self-respect, Freedom are their human needs, which have been left behind, and cannot be replaced, or traded, or substituted.

We would like to help these young people recognize their own human needs, and undergo a gradual transformation from “beneficiaries” into personalities who would build their lives with dignity. Our motivation is the sense of Christian duty to help the weak, and the understanding that Bulgaria needs its young people. If assisted in good time, foster youth will be able to develop their strongest personal talents, to become more productive, more creative, more loyal compared to other young people of the same age.

Their future may be of special interest to the visionary employers.

Our short-term objectives include: